How to add us as Partner of Record

If you are wanting to change your partner of record, to us or from us, or for any other purpose then please use the following guide:-

First, log on to your admin portal:-

Click the “Licensing” option on the left (1) which will then show you all your licenses.  On EACH license type, e.g. in above picture “Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial” (2) – click the license type and you will be able to assign a partner of record.  Do this for each license type you have.  When you click the license type you will then get the following screen:-


On the subscription details, you will see your current Partner Information. If this is blank or just has Add, then none has been set up.  So lick Add (3) above….


Here you need to enter the partner detail.  Our Partner ID is 3592255.   If you enter our ID in the box (4) above, then “Check ID” (5) – then the green message  “Partner found:  PQ Services” will appear.  If so, then press OK (6) and the details will be saved.


  • Adding us as partner will have NO EXTRA COSTS to you at all.   You will pay the same to Microsoft.
  • If you have another partner present, find out who and why before you remove them as they may have requirements to be your partner for other reasons.