SECURITY: How to check if your firewall is running

You should make sure your Windows Firewall is running pretty much all the time.

To check do the following:-

  1. Click the START Menu (or the big round menu on Vista/Windows 7)
  2. Click “Control Panel”
  3. Then depending on your version/settings – whichever you see:-
    1. Windoows Vista/7
      1. Click System & Security
      2. Under “Windows Firewall” click “Show Status”
    2. XP
      1. Click Security Centre

You should see pictures similar to below.On Vista/Windows 7 it may be okay to have firewall off for home/work networks, but it MUST be enabled for Public networks.

Windows XP:-


Windows 7:-


For other FAQs on the Microsoft firewall, see the FAQs on Microsoft site here

(For techies:  You can find out by bringing up a command prompt (start–>run–> “cmd” ) – and typing:  NETSH FIREWALL SHOW STATE )