Your IT Help Flyer

Your IT Help Flyer

Thank you for taking the time to read our flyer and to look here for further information.  Please click on the headings below to show you more information about the relevant topic.

As a thanks for reading the flyer, and to encourage you to try us, if you mention this page we will give you £10 off your first invoice!


Dealing with your IT so you can focus on your business

Having worked in many different environments, one common factor is that our clients know their business well, and their IT systems are there to facilitate them running their business.  Many clients just want their IT systems to work, others want to understand them and maintain them themselves.

We understand this, and are happy to either “just do it” and resolve your problem or implement something new, or to do it with you involved so you can understand what we are doing and why and to give you confidence that you can maintain it in the future.

Either way, we provide the same level of documentation (see documentation section)

We are aware you need to trust anyone you let loose on your IT systems, especially as they can affect your business. To that end we are qualified, certified and experienced and can provide references as required

Ad-hoc support, No ties, No contract

We are a small business and we undertake work only when you need it doing.  We do not offer any support contracts nor do we tie ourselves in so that you become reliant upon us.  On the contrary, we document everything we do and provide you with a “manual” that you can use yourself or give to any other IT supplier.  Any new system we set up we do it in your name so you own it and you can manage it.

Far too often, we have had to fight for control of systems off old IT companies who don’t want to let go.  This is the opposite to us.  We give you everything – it is your business after all.  If you want to call us for future work, great!  But there is no obligation or requirement.

In addition, as much of our work has involved regulated and enterprise environments, we implement to the highest standard which means in many cases once implemented you need not call us again.  Many clients don’t speak to us for a long time as they don’t need to.  We implement to a high quality which minimises ongoing maintenance, frequent visits and thus your costs.

Documentation and Handover

We are fully aware your IT system belongs to you, and as such any changes or new system we implement is documented sufficiently well that another IT person could understand it and continue where we left off.  This we feel is very important as you as it gives you confidence in the work we undertake and gives you confidence that you could use another IT person if you needed.

Virtually every client we’ve had has had little (if any) documentation and it has been a challenge to work out how things are set up and why, and even what the passwords are!  Our approach ensures your systems are owned by you and you can move suppliers with confidence.


Qualified, Experienced, Local, Professional

See our “about us” page for details, but in summary, we are qualified and certified by Microsoft. Experienced with 20+ years of commercial experience, and 6 years of running our own business.  We undertake work for small businesses with 1 person through to projects in larger organisations, including design/installation of all infrastructure for large multi-site and international clients.  Our “linked in” profile has further details as well as references.

We are based in Melksham and cover local areas with our local rates.  We do cover further afield, including international for larger projects but at commercial contract rates.

Fair and open charging

We view ourselves as being very fair when it comes to charging our customers, and treat them as we like to be treated ourselves.

Our rates are very favourable for our skills (remember we are not a home DIYer pretending to be an IT expert) – and we charge local clients a lot less than our larger commercial clients.  Even then, we do not charge call out and our minimum charge is one hour if we go to your site.  If we can resolve a problem remotely we charge in 15 minute blocks.  Generally we round down to the nearest 15 mins in your favour.

If we undertake a lot of work for you then we try and absorb some bits into the overall cost.

Critically, we are quick workers and complete work as fast as we can to the highest standard – we do not dawdle to milk it.  Many a new client has said “I’ve got loads of things for you can you reserve a day” only for it to be completed by lunchtime!  Not great for our profits, but great for you.

We invoice monthly at the end of each month.

We are all concerned about costs, being ripped off, being over charged etc, so we welcome you to contact some of our clients to get their view on how we work and how we invoice.

Office 365

We specifically mention Office 365 on our flyer as it has been a huge success for the majority of our clients, from single user companies through to multi-site large companies.

Prior to Office 365, most clients complained about having different email on their phone vs laptop; unable to see their colleagues diary; email backups; professional filtering and anti-virus; shared mailboxes (like sales@ or info@) etc.  Virtually every client suffered with their current setup.

Office 365 is a superb system, scalable from 1 user to 10,000+, and incredibly cheap.

Our approach is we charge time for implementation and migration, and then you own and pay Microsoft monthly for the subscription.  Implementation time can vary depending on complexity, number of users, migration requirements  and current system, but can be as little as half day.  Most small business clients <20 users can be migrated in 1-3 days.

We implement to a “Corporate standard” and configure systems in the most efficient way for you, such that you can have shared mailboxes (Free of charge in most cases) and clever methods for having multiple email addresses per person if required.

We are very happy to talk to you about Office 365 to see if it is suitable for you and to give you a more accurate quote

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