GENERAL: Installing multiple applications at once

When you rebuild or get a new PC then there are normally a load of applications you need to install, all of which takes time and effort. 

The list of applications I recommend and normally install are listed here.

Rather than doing it manually though, why not automate and simplify the installation?

Benefits of Automation

  1. Saves you time and effort
  2. Prevents you from making mistakes
  3. Installs the same, every time, no chance of human differences appearing
  4. The method detailed here configures the software the “best way” and removes the “junk” you don’t really want automatically!

How to install everything quickly

I recommend using Ninite Easy PC Setup.

Not really much more to add as its as simple as clicking the link above and going to Ninite website, ticking the boxes selecting the applications you want, then clicking the big green “Get Installer” button and running the installer.

It does sound too good to be true, but it is well known in the home IT community and is trusted by many.

There are many guides and youtube clips on how to use Ninite – but really – its one of those few things where its fairly obvious and just works – try it.

NOTE:  My only tip is don’t go over the top and install everything!!!  Install only what you WANT and what you NEED!!!  You can always add more later.  See my other page for recommended software as a starting point – but don’t get carried away… as if 🙂