WORD: Inserting Page Numbers into Word

When creating documents in Microsoft Word, you may well want to have page numbers on the top or the bottom of the page.

In its simplest form its quite trivial to do, but it can get very very complicate very quickly if you start to really push the functionality. For instance, you can have different headers/footers for even pages, odd pages, first pages within a section and multiple sections…. Don’t worry about this for now, but just be aware that page numbering and headers/footers can do all sorts! See HERE if you want the full details – but for most people it’ll be too much.

Key information

Generally, your page number will reside in either the HEADER (top of page) or FOOTER (bottom of page). In its simplest form, the header and footer are repeated on all pages automatically.

Manually changing headers and footers

You can manually edit headers and footers by double-clicking where the header or footer should be. Or simpler, INSERT ribbon –> HEADERS, then pick “edit header” from the list. To close the header and return to the document, press ESCAPE or click “CLOSE HEADER AND FOOTER” in the top right hand of the ribbon.

Easy way to add page numbers

Word provides an easy way to add page numbers:-

  1. INSERT Ribbon
  3. Select where you want it (eg. Top of Page, Bottom of page)
  4. Then select the style you want as per the examples shown.
  5. Make any changes you like, such as adding document name etc

Advanced Information

You can have different headers/footers for, say, different chapters in a book by splitting your document into SECTIONS. To do this, where you want to make a new SECTION click PAGE LAYOUT menu, then BREAK, then SECTION BREAK (Next Page)

Then when you edit your header/footer you have some extra options on the ribbon which will take you to the next/previous sections etc. By default a new section will copy and continue the same header/footer as the previous section but you can stop this by unselecting “Link to Previous” as shown below.



Here is a YouTube clip of the above, not by me, but you may find it useful