Office 365 Implementaton in Bradford on Avon

One of our most frequent projects is the implementation of and migration to Microsoft Office 365.  Virtually all of our clients have migrated to it, not because we undertake an hard sell, but genuinely because it has sorted out most of their email problems.

Most clients just use Office 365 for eMail, as the integration to Outlook, iPhones & iPads and Android devices is second to none, and the low cost really does allow small businesses to benefit from full corporate email functionality.

Some clients use Office 365 to also include their Office 2013 desktop software licenses, and a few use it for the SharePoint and OneDrive (aka SkyDrive) components.  Most are implemented in a simple stand-alone fashion, but our bigger clients also have full Active Directory integration with proprietary PowerShell code to automate their mundane tasks.

At present, we have clients of all sizes, from 1,2,3,5,7,10,25 etc through to 170 users.

We have also implemented Microsoft Intune.

How we implement

In all cases we have assisted with migrations, and for the smaller clients especially, undertaken turn-key projects and “just doing it” and making it happen, including designing, implementing, tuning, and migrating existing emails, and making everything just work.   In addition, we provide you documentation and full control such that you own the environment and can use anyone you wish to make further changes.

How much we charge

We charge an hourly rate and will provide an estimate when we understand the entire scope of the project and your current environment, so it is impossible to estimate in advance.  But for simple companies, with Outlook already, and access to existing DNS and eMail providers, then 1 to 1.5 days is easily achievable for 10 people including documentation and handover.

Why use us

There are many IT suppliers, and some are good, and some are bad.  Which are we…?

  • We are local, based in Melksham, and want to offer great corporate grade services to small local companies at lower than normal cost
  • Our USP is we design, implement and handover to you.  We do not have any ongoing commitment to you and we manage ourselves out of your revenue stream.  If you want to use if for future changes, great.  If you don’t, you have documentation and passwords and you can give this to anyone else you wish.    (Whereas when I’ve migrated clients from some suppliers, I’ve had to fight to get access to the data the client actually owns!)
  • References available from local clients, and you can also find us on LinkedIn
  • We are happy to be honest if we can help, and importantly honest if we can’t
  • We do not sell anything – if you need it we will advise you what to buy and where from, so we don’t take a middleman margin

What else we do

Apart from Office 365, we can help with most IT projects, upgrades, migrations, relocations, networks, DNS, domains etc etc.