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Microsoft Office 365

Over the last year, one of the pain points for almost all of our small businesses customers, is that their current eMail system was not meeting their needs.

Typically, small business eMail systems are provided by their Internet Provider, and these aren’t appropraite for new demands, such as shared mailboxes, group working, shared calendars, and mobile/tablet integration.  The corporate solution of Microsoft Exchange is far too complicated and expensive for small companies.

Hosted Exchange has started to become popular, but Microsoft released Office 365 which offers fantastic value and full Microsoft Exchange functionality – even if you only require a single user license.  With prices from £2.50/user/month (payable direct to Microsoft) – it is an excellent option for most small businesses with eMail pain points.

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NOTE: For our implementations, we do not become a middleman – you own your setup and pay MS directly.  Our fees are time based for setting it up and migrating you to o365 only – ongoing you do not need any relationship with us unless you want to.

(We are also experienced in Microsoft InTune, an Office 365 component for computer management, audit, anti-virus, software deployment etc – ask us for details)

What functionality is available?

There are a few different flavours of Office 365 depending on your needs.  Some can be mixed, and some can’t, so it is imperative that you discuss the options with an experienced o365 implementer before starting off.

All variants include Exchange, (£2.60/user/month) which includes:-

  • Full Microsoft Exchange mailbox
  • 25 Gb storage (unlmited archive/legal hold available extra)
  • Ability to use own domains (e.g.
  • Full anti-spam filtering
  • Outlook Web Access (full access to email/calendar from any browser)
  • Integrated contacts & calendar
  • Full functionality across mobile devices – e.g. Android phone/tablet, iPhone, iPad etc
  • Unlimted eMails per mailbox
  • FREE shared mailboxes (e.g. info@ or sales@ ) which can be shared/accessed between users
  • Single view on your mailbox – e.g. delete email on iPad or Web, and it vanishes from Outlook etc

Cloud based Shared Documents (incl exchange, £3.30/u/m)

  • Including full exchange functionality above
  • 7Gb per user to store/sync files with the cloud, so accessible anywhere
  • Office Web Apps – allows you to view/edit documents from a browser (so includes tabets/iPads etc)

Office Applications on your PC (incl above, from £9.80/u/m)

  • If you require Microsoft Office on your computer, then typically you need to buy it for around £200 per computer.   You can however subscribe to it via o365, so from £9.80 per user per month, you can use the latest version of Microsoft Office Professional on your computer.  In fact, you can install it on 5x computers – so desktop, laptop and home can be covered by one o365 seat.

There are also a multitude of other options available which we’d be happy to discuss.

Typically, our small business clients opt for either the £2.60/u/m Exchange Only, or £9.80/u/m small business version (with PC Office Professional).

How we approach & implement

Our approach is probably different to most suppliers, in the fact we believe the setup belongs to YOU – and hence we will set it all up in your name and provide you documentation as necessary so that you can support it going forward.  Of course, we’d welcome being involved in any changes or additions you require, but you should make that decision based on your wishes.  We ensure you know all password and account details etc.

Our documentation will be sufficient for you, or any other IT aware person to make changes going forward.

As we are experienced in Office 365 implementations, we tailor our approach to you.  This can include:-

  • Helping you decide the most appropriate Office 365 suite for you.
  • Setting up new domain, or migrating/setting up exsiting domain (e.g.
  • Migrating existing eMails to new system (or not)
  • Helping you design the best workflow for shared/team mailboxes etc
  • Helping you decide best strategy for team working etc
  • Seamless migration with no downtime and minimal risk
  • Setup, migration, and handover.

All customers have different needs, but typically a simple 1-3 user environment can be implemented within 8 hours.  Of course, more complex implentations which may include Office installation on the clients may take longer.

Our previous implementations

We are a Microsoft Office 365 partner, and have implemented Office 365 in different versions for clients from 1 user to 125 users, for just Hosted Exchange through to <10 user Office 365 small business versions, through to full enterprise implementaitons with AD integration, Intune integration, sharepoint and PC Office desktop rollouts.

One aspect to all our implementations is that the customer loves the implementation – as, implemented our way, it “just works” and they no longer need to worry about it!  Client references are available.

Client A

  • 1 user business, with 1 “secretary”.  Simple implementation with customer accessing email via iPhone and Desktop, but now secretary can also access his email and file away as necessary – so his “inbox” only contains important things.  His secretary can deal with lesser matters and book him meetings etc.

Client B

  • 5 user business, with staff on multiple sites.  Simple implementation to allow shared calendars, and internal communication with single view on the bunsiess.  eMails being accessed via PCs, iPhones and iPads

Client C

  • 6 user business, rapidly expanding.  Small buiness implemention with growing needs.  New “PA” needs to manage directors email.  New computers need Office Professional, so subscription most flexible method.  New shared mailboxes and workflow

… etc