Small Business IT Support

Small Businesses

We are able to provide IT support to businesses of all sizes, from home offices through to large multi-national companies.

For very small companies with simple IT systems, we can treat them as such and provide support more suitable for companies of their size.  You still get the same qualified and experienced help, the only difference is that you pay us far less than you would expect, and certainly not the rates we would charge complicated multi national companies.  Contact us and you will be surprised!

Our small business clients use us for such things as:

  • Fixing a specific problem
  • Helping chose and setting up new computers
  • Office moves and desk changes
  • Helping sort out things like backups, updating software, tuning/fixing computers etc
  • Showing and Teaching them how to do something
  • Doing something for them that they don’t want to learn, e.g. Mail Merges

We are fully aware that your busines is not IT related and you want your IT systems to “just work” – and as such we are very happy to just sort out your problems, undertake what you request, and ensure that when we leave everything is just perfect leaving you to only worry about your core busines.

Medium and Large Businesses

If you are a larger sized business, please see our main website PQ Services which details our offerings more suitable to larger businesses.